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Harris Tweed Hebrides

Harris Tweed Hebrides, based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, manufactures each metre of handwoven fabric in accordance with The Harris Tweed Act 1993, maintaining the integrity and distinctive character of the fabric which is recognised globally as Harris Tweed.

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Harris Tweed Hebrides Industry Profile

Harris Tweed is produced using traditional skills and always made from 100% pure new wool. Each stage of this process ensures the high-quality Harris Tweed is renowned for.

Fibre dyeing at the raw wool stage provides an unrivalled depth of colour, one yarn shade can contain up to eight different shades of wool and several yarn shades are used in each fabric design.

The company works with over 120 home weavers based throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris, providing sustainable rural employment to home weavers who live in the most remote communities on the islands.

Credited with the revitalisation of the industry following a period of decline in the early part of the 21st century, Harris Tweed Hebrides has focused on re-introducing vibrant yarn colour and fabric patterns synonymous with Harris Tweed to the wholesale market.
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