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Apparel Tasker

Apparel Tasker is a garment development, sampling and production unit in east London, where sustainability and ethics are more than just buzzwords.

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NOTE: cloth cutters are advised to wear safety gloves when using tools.

Apparel Tasker Industry Profile

Apparel Tasker has been gaining a growing reputation for it’s fresh approach to responsible manufacturing in London’s east end. The factory, specialises in bespoke manufacturing for small start-ups and medium-sized brands, as well as larger labels looking for UK production with greater transparency and flexibility.

Founder Zack Sartor never imagine moving into manufacturing when he started his career in Paris studying Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni. Since setting it up the company has grown gradually as demand increased and ApparelTASKER now has approximately 40 machinists with a capacity in the region of 750-1000 units per week, depending on styles. 

The factory has been gradually expanding its floor space, in an area that is undergoing massive change. It is close to the new fashion hub Poplar Works, a cluster of other manufacturers and designers and is becoming known as the new home for fashion in London.

Like many of the brands they work with, Apparel Tasker is focused on the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. They champion a holistic view of responsible manufacturing, which he sees as taking responsibility for the products he produces, the environment, employees and customers, while continually looking for ways to improve the overall process and business.

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