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Why work in fashion manufacturing?​

Right now British fashion manufacturing is going through a renaissance, which presents a great opportunity. To take advantage of this a whole new generation of skilled staff are needed.

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Why work in fashion manufacturing?

The UK fashion manufacturing industry is in high demand and a steady growth is predicted to continue, with multiple factors responsible – the rise of fast fashion demanding a responsive, local supply base; a rapid move towards demonstrating a transparent and ethical supply chain and an increasing consumer led demand for ‘Made in the UK’.

Although the UK has a well earned reputation for high-end, small volume production, the sector also supplies high street retailers demanding higher production volumes and shorter lead times.

The fashion manufacturing industry relies on skilled individuals, trained to a high level and research indicates there is a need for thousands of new entrants.

This video has been produced as part of a new online training programme for production sewing machinists. Developed by UKFT, alongside industry, the programme is designed to train competent, skilled industrial sewing machinists. 

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