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English Fine Cottons

With a mission to bring cotton spinning back to its spiritual home in the North West, English Fine Cottons is the only commercial cotton spinner in the UK.

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English Fine Cottons Industry Profile

Supplying the world with cotton products was once the almost-exclusive domain of the UK.

Manchester and the towns surrounding the city were known as ‘Cottonopolis’. The city was the epicentre of the country’s cotton industry when Britain was responsible for eighty per cent of global cotton yarn and fabric production.

A recent multi-million-pound restoration of Tower Mill has breathed new life into a British industry that used to be the envy of the world. The Victorian former cotton mill is now home to the most modern cotton spinning facility anywhere.

English Fine Cottons has created a true ‘Made in Britain’ business, sourcing premium raw materials globally to produce some of the finest quality cotton yarns available. Now UK designers and garment manufacturers can access home-spun luxury yarns and truly claim British provenance.

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