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The Quest for His Majesty’s Silk​ | Humphries Weaving

A short film documenting the art and skill involved in bringing a historically accurate design back to life, with Humphries Weaving and the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. 

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The Quest for His Majesty's Silk

When Queen Victoria sold the Royal Pavilion in Brighton she took virtually everything from it and reinstated it inside Buckingham Palace.

The decision to restore the Pavilion as a Royal Palace in the 1930’s started an ongoing restoration project. One of the most compromised rooms was the saloon. 

Textile Historian, Annabel Westman and the Humphries Weaving team describe the challenges and complexities of bringing a historically accurate piece of fabric back to life for this grand room.

Humphries Weaving is a renowned British fabric manufacturer that has earned an international reputation for designing and weaving fine furnishings.

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